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Technical socks for Walking, Hiking, Trekking, Mountaineering, Running, Skiing, and Everyday.

Bridgedale Fusion Technology is the unique blend of yarn and knitting technology that sets Bridgedale apart from other sock brands. It is the combination of the highest quality natural yarns, wrapped with high performance microfibres and finished on the latest machinery to create socks that ensure all day comfort. These unique combinations place yarns where they are needed to ensure that whichever Bridgedale sock you choose, they will perform to the highest level.

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      Merino Performance

      FusionTech Merino Performance brings together Merino Wool, know for its anti-bacterial properties, New Wool with its soft, resilient  bres and technical synthetic yarns in a knit to provide a close supportive  t with resilent padding, balanced insulation, moisture wicking and outstanding durability for all day comfort. Ideal for long distance walking and trekking.

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      Merino Comfort

      FusionTech Merino Comfort intimately blends together Merino Wool with its unrivalled fineness and anti-bacterial properties with technical synthetic fibres in a knit that has a faster drying time and longer lasting durability than that of Merino Wool alone. The unrestrictive knit, softness and superb wicking performance help keep feet dry and comfortable where ever the adventure.

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      Merino Cool

      FusionTech Merino Cool keeps feet dry and comfortable when you are working at your hardest. Blending together Merino Wool, known for its softness, moisture management and anti-odour characteristics together with high performance synthetic fibre in socks with a close supportive fit, targeting T2 padding and maximum ventilation.

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      Coolmax® Comfort

      FusionTech Coolmax® Comfort maximises the natural bene ts of cotton yarns with the wicking properties and softness of Coolmax® in a comfortable unrestrictive knit. The softness and superb wicking performance help keep feet dry and comfortable whilst walking and trekking in warmer climates

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    Thermo setting every Bridgedale sock ensures a perfect fit. Wash after wash the sock returns to its designed size ensuring a perfect fit every time.

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    Moisture Management System

    Allows the transfer of moisture away from the surface of the skin to keep feet warm, dry and comfortable..

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    Elasticated Arch

    Keeps the sock locked in position. During wear this reduces the possibility of bunching and rucking which could cause irritation or blisters.

  • T2 Anti-Shock

    A loop within a loop that offers an additional level of impact protection resulting in all day long comfort.

  • Overfoot Ventilation

    Bridgedale’s open mesh structure reduces insulation and promotes easy moisture transportation.

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    Y Heel

    Creates a 3D shaped heel cup that prevents excess bulk and slippage which helps to ensure comfort.

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    Forward Flex

    Prevents the sock from ‘bunching’ under the shoe tongue which helps to ensure comfort.

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    Flat Toe Seam

    An almost invisble toe seam closes the toe box creating a comfortable, flat seam that doesn’t create excess bulk or cause irritation.