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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy Bridgedale socks ahead of any other technical sock?

Bridgedales are renowned the world over for their technical construction, durability and all day comfort. With years of knitting experience, we take care of the little things because we know the littlest thing like a blister can ruin a day in the mountains. Using natural and synthetic performance fibres, Bridgedale’s unique Fusion Tech provides socks with supreme lasting comfort, meaning they are warm when they need to be and wick moisture away from the feet when things heat up.

Continuous investment into new machinery means your Bridgedale’s benefit from the latest innovations in sock knitting such as almost invisible toe seams. Our comprehensive range of styles means you will find the best Bridgedale for your chosen activity, climate and footwear. Your chosen style will be ideally suited for your activity because at Bridgedale we design and develop every style in close collaboration with test teams all over the world. In addition our strict quality control standards ensure every pair is thoroughly checked before it is released for sale. 

2. Where can I buy Bridgedale’s online?

Bridgedale have on-line partners all over the world. Visit the ‘Stockist’ section of our website for details of where you can to buy Bridgedales on-line in your country. 

3. How do I find my nearest retailer?

Bridgedale have a network of worldwide distributors. Visit the "Stockist" section of our website and click the "Local Retailers" button for details on the retailer nearest to you. Alternatively click the "Global Distributors" button for details on the distributor in your country. The distributor in your country will be able to give you details on where your nearest Bridgedale stockist is located.

4. How do I care for my socks?

For best results we recommended they are washed inside out. Wash dark colours separately. Do not use fabric conditioner. Wash at 40°C wool cycle. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Tumble dry on LOW heat. Do not dry clean. See Washing Care section on website for more information.

5. What is the difference between Heavyweight, Midweight Lightweight and Ultralight?

Bridgedale's have been designed to offer Comfort for a wide range of Outdoor activities and to make selection of the correct sock for your activity easier  we have sub-divided into them into Heavyweight, Midweight,  Lightweight and Ultra Light styles. 


Designed to be worn in colder conditions (tested with partners to -25ºC) these are our thickest, most cushioned and insulating Bridgedale’s and are suitable for use with Mountaineering and Trekking boots. These styles have Terry loop insulation throughout providing defence against the cold with high density cushioning in the foot bed that remains resilient all day long. 


Designed for 3 season hiking and trekking in all conditions, our Midweight Bridgedale’s offer a balance of high wicking yarns to manage variations in temperature that cause feet to sweat and resilient cushioning throughout the foot bed and around the ankle to keep the foot comfortable in leather and synthetic footwear.


Designed for 2 season versatility for warm weather hiking and trekking, our Lightweight Bridgedale’s have been developed for use with lighter synthetic footwear. They offer dense underfoot cushioning for comfort, but have a light open knit structure for breathability.

Ultra Light

These are our lightest Bridgedale’s using some of the finest yarns available. Targeted Resilient under foot micro cushioning provides all day comfort whilst the main body features large areas of mesh venting allowing the foot and lower length to breath and evaporate moisture rapidly.

6. What is Bridgedale’s warmest sock?

Tested at -25°C, Explorer Heavyweight Knee are the warmest Bridgedales in the range. 

These heavyweight style socks are designed for year round Mountain Expeditions as well as for Mountaineering. 

Dense cushioning throughout provides extra warmth, extra impact resistance and extra comfort. 

7. How do I choose a style for the activity I want to participate in?

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to choosing Bridgedale’s for their activity. Many people base their decision on the weight and feel of socks, going for heavier styles in cooler conditions and lighter styles for warm weather treks. On top of the different weights we offer 2 fits, Performance Fit and Comfort Fit, both are suitable for all day walking but we find the Performance Fit is great for multi day and big mountain days, where as the Comfort Fit finds favour from day hikers who like the softness and versatility of the sock cuff.

See “Technology” and “Search by Activity” sections of website for more information. 

8. Do Bridgedale make asymmetric socks?

We have led the market designing and manufacturing some of the most technically advanced socks and our research has found that an asymmetric design doesn’t add any technical benefit to the wearer. From all our user trials almost no tester could say correctly which variation was on which foot. We then found the durability of asymmetric Bridgedale’s was also compromised because the high wear areas, such as the big toe nail, were not being evenly exposed between left and right, meaning socks wore out almost twice as fast.

9. What is the difference between Standard and Women’s styles?

Since we launched Women’s Bridgedale’s they have been warmly welcomed by female outdoor enthusiasts around the world. First developed in the 1990’s we were the first technical outdoor sock brand to offer a true women fit. Specifically designed to fit the anatomy of the female foot, which is generally narrower, slimmer with higher arches, we worked closely with our sock technicians and the sock machine manufacturers. All this together ensures the perfect fit for a woman's foot. 

10.What are the letters on the bottom of my socks?

The letters on the sole of your Bridgedale's indicates the size of socks you have, if you have two socks with L on them, you have a pair Large, not 2 lefts:

Standard / Men’s Sizing Chart

Size Size Letter UK Europe USA
Small S 3 - 5½ 36 - 39 4 - 6½
Medium M 6- 8½ 40 - 43 7 - 9½
Large L 9 - 11½ 44 - 47 10 - 12½
X-Large * XL 12+ 48+ 13+
* Only in selected colours


Women’s sizing chart

Size Size Letter UK Europe USA
Small WS 3 - 4½ 35 - 37 4 - 6½
Medium WM 5 - 6½ 38 - 40 6½ - 8
Large WL 7 - 8½ 41 - 43 8½ - 10

Kid’s Sizing Chart

Size Size Letter UK Europe USA
Toddler XXS XXS 9-12 27- 30 10 - 1
Junior XS XS 13 - 2½ 32 - 35 1½ - 4
Junior (Medium) JM 12 - 1 31 - 33 13 - 2
Junior (Large) JL 1 - 3 34 - 36 2 - 4
Junior (X-Large) * JXL 3 - 5 37 - 39 4 - 6
* Kids All Mountain Only

11. If I’m not happy with my socks what can I do?

If you haven’t worn them you maybe able to take them back to the retailer they were purchased from. We guarantee Bridgedales for life of the materials and the workmanship, but the first thing to do is contact us and we can help advise what to do next. Please see the “Guarantees” section of the website for more information.