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Bridgedale Socks Fit & Stay Fitted!

Bridgedale prides itself on making socks that fit and stay fitted time after time. Just as it is important as selecting the right boots or shoes for your activity, is having correctly fitting socks. Your boots and socks work as a system, one will not work without the other. If your boots do not fit correctly and move when walking you could get blisters, equally if your sock is not held in place this could also cause a boot to move and again be the cause of a painful blister.

It is important to consider which boots and socks you'll be wearing together to ensure they fit snugly around your foot... too loose and you'll cause rubbing, too tight and you'll cause pressure points.



Bridgedale uses Lycra® in everyone of our many of our socks to make sure they stay fitted mile after mile. This Lycra and the Nylon that wraps it are key to our Thermo Fit process. We were the first sock brand to Thermo Set our socks using a steam process, a process we call Thermo Fit. Not only did we save thousands of gallons of water in using this process we also achieve a fit that is second to none and one that lasts. So when other socks have become baggy and lost their shape, Bridgedales will retain their original shape after every wash and be as comfortable as the first time you put them on!




Bridgedale know that designing socks for Women’s feet is important. Women's Bridgedales are not just women’s socks in alternative colours with a slight size change, we recognise that most women typically have a higher instep, narrower heel and lower volume foot than men. In 2002 we were the first brand to launch a TRUE womens specific sock with close sizing ratios, correctly shaped toe box and heel cup as well as correctly sized instep . Since their introduction the feedback has been very positive and we pride ourselves in making the most technical and comfortable Women’s socks.




Every course has LYCRA® running through it giving a close supportive fit from foot to calf.




Close supportive fit on your foot with a looser comfort fit around your calf. Allows sock cuff to be worn up or down.




Creates a 3D shaped heel cup that prevents excess bulk and slippage which helps to ensure comfort.





An almost invisible toe seam closes the toe box creating a comfortable, flat seam that doesn't create excess bulk or cause irritation.




Keeps the sock locked in position. During wear this reduces the possibility of bunching and rucking which could cause irritation or blisters.