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By Jack Martin on

Choosing the right socks for hiking


Any seasoned hiker will tell you that a good pair of hiking socks is a must-have on the trail and hills.  But despite their simple appearance, hiking socks can be a complicated purchase, so here’s some quick advice to help specify what to look for in our socks to best suit your needs.


Bridgedale socks are subdivided into heavyweight, midweight, lightweight and ultralight styles. 

Heavyweight socks are for colder conditions and have been tested with partners in temperatures as low as -25C. These socks are our thickest, most insulating, and cushioned. Suitable with mountaineering and trekking boots, these socks have Terry loop insulation throughout providing defence against the cold.

  • Soft,
  • Warm
  • Excellent cushioning and protection

Midweight socks are designed for all conditions other than the extremes. They offer a balance of high-wicking yarns for variations in temperature that cause feet to sweat with resilient cushioning throughout the footbed and around the ankle to keep the foot comfortable in both leather and synthetic footwear.

  • Flexible weight
  • Ample cushioning, and protection for all-day hikes

Lightweight socks are for warm weather hiking or trekking and for use in lighter weight footwear. They have a dense underfoot cushioning for comfort but have a light open knit structure for breathability.

  • Lightweight
  • Cool, breathable
  • Fast wicking

Ultralight socks are Bridgedales lightest using the finest yarns available. But despite their lightness they are still very resilient. Utilising micro-cushioning that provide all day cushioning, these socks feature large areas of mesh venting to allow the foot to breath.

  • Super-light
  • Super-breathable 
  • Excellent in hot weather

The Bridgedale Fit

Bridgedale hiking socks have two ‘fit’ families - Performance and Comfort.

Both families have different yarn types and cuffs that are specifically used depending on the requirements of the hiker.

Performance fit has a contoured knit that ensures the cuff of the sock does not move as it closely, but comfortably fits the ankle/calf. The slightly tougher yarn makes these exemplary for expeditions or multi-day hiking.

Comfort fit has a casual knit that fits the calf and ankle comfortably, depending on the model. Ideal for all-day-walking and can be worn up or down.

Things to consider for fit

Too tight: Could affect circulation to your feet

Too loose: Can lead to friction against the skin which is the main cause of Blistering


Another major consideration for selecting the ideal sock is its ‘length’. To guarantee optimal comfort, make sure to try your sock on with the shoe/boot that you intend to wear.

The Bridgedale sock range comes in 5 lengths. For all-day hikes the ‘Boot’ length is our most popular, providing coverage from friction/rubbing and dirt/debris.   

Things to consider for the perfect length:

Too low: Can lead to rubbing on your heel/ankle from your footwear

Too high: Can lead to feet becoming too warm

FusionTech Fibres

A significant Bridgedale difference is our approach to the yarns that are selected for our family of socks. No one yarn can provide the single goal of sustainable comfort.

It is the Fusion (blending) of our fibres that creates a single, unique yarn providing the wearer with optimum comfort, protection, and durability all in one.

Waterproof Socks

Sometimes it’s hard to keep water at bay if there’s lots of surface water from heavy rain so a fully waterproof sock is there as an option. Made up of 3 layers, Bridgedale StormSocks are 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable.

The sock is comprised of 3 layers. The inner (closest to the foot) is knit with Merino for its next-to-skin comfort. The mid-layer membrane makes certain they are 100% waterproof whilst maintaining excellent breathability.  The outer layer has a high Nylon content to make it super durable and protect the inner membrane from damage.


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