Bridgedale Compression technology utilizes graduated compression to deliver enhanced performance for the active skier, runner, cyclist or travelling. Used during the activity the socks or sleeves help stabilize the muscle and promote an improved return into the torso helping disperse lactic acid thereby reducing fatigue and improving stamina. Used after an activity Bridgedale Compression socks can be an aid to help shorten recovery time.

For those spending time in the skies the Travel compression socks will aid circulation and help prevent DVT on those extended flights. Padded with Merino under the foot for added comfort these socks can also be used for leisurely walks in the countryside or city.


Key Benefits:


Enhanced performance - Compression socks have been proven to increase the blood flow and, therefore, oxygen supply to muscles improving their efficiency and performance. Particularly in socks which help the return flow to the heart. Allowing users to perform at their personal best.

Faster Recovery - Compression garments provide better blood supply which helps to speed recovery by removing lactic acid quicker and aiding muscle recovery repair. Ideal for post-race or post-training use.

Reduce Fatigue - The close fit of compression garments works to reduce muscle vibration combined with better blood flow which reduces fatigue allowing you to train harder more often.

Reduced risk of DVT - For travel use compression garments have been proven to help reduce the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) during long periods of inactivity.

Designed in the UK. We stand by our guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and performance of your Compression socks, return them for a full refund.

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