Technical socks for Walking / Hiking, Mountaineering, Running, Skiing, and Everyday.

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Bridgedale socks fit and stay fitted!

Bridgedale prides itself on making socks that fit and stay fitted time after time. 

Just as it is important to select the right boots or shoes for your chosen activity, it is just as important to have the right fitting socks. Your boots are only as good as the socks inside them! 

Correctly selecting the correct size of sock is the first consideration. It is important to consider which boots or shoes you will be wearing the socks with to ensure you avoid too much material inside the boot or shoe making the boot fit too tightly. 

Bridgedale uses Lycra® in specific zones of the sock to make sure the sock stays fitted mile after mile. The additional Lycra® is knitted to the under arch and above the heel to prevent the sock slipping down while in use. Lycra® is also used in the cuff of the sock to help the cuff stay up. 

The way Bridgedale uses Lycra® means that the perfect fit you enjoy on the first time of wear lasts time and time again. So when other, less technical socks have become baggy and lost their shape, Bridgedale socks will retain their original shape and be as comfortable as the first time you put them on! No wonder people buy Bridgedale socks and never look back! 

Women’s Fit: 

At Bridgedale we know that designing socks for Women’s feet is important. Our women’s socks are not just alternative colours of the standard range, they are a recognition that women typically have a higher instep, narrower heel and lower volume foot than men. Since their introduction in 2002 the feedback from our female Bridgedale fans has been very positive and we pride ourselves in making the most technical and comfortable Women’s socks. 

Key features found in Bridgedale Women’s styles: 

Slim fit  - This ensures long-term comfort, avoiding areas of excess material which can lead to discomfort and possibly blistering. 

Close ratio sizing - Women’s sizes are UK Small 3-4.5, Medium 5-6.5 and Large 7-8.5. This gives a better fit within a size. 

Narrower Heel Cup  - The Bridgedale ‘Y’ Heel is been reduced in volume for a better fit. 

Narrower Toe Box - To help improve fit we have reduced the volume of the toe box. 

Specific Cushioning - In some styles the ‘ball of the foot’ pad is slightly deeper and wider to encompass the shape of the women’s foot in this area. 

Colours - We have extensively researched the market for the most popular active women’s colours. 

No wonder Bridgedale Women’s socks have strong female appeal for colour, design and function!