Technical socks for Walking / Hiking, Mountaineering, Running, Skiing, and Everyday.

Where to Buy


1. Why should I buy Bridgedale socks ahead of any other technical sock?

With years of knitting experience, Bridgedale socks are renowned for their technical construction, durability and enduring comfort. 

Using the best performing fibres, Bridgedale’s unique Fusion technologies allow your socks to perform to the highest level; providing supreme lasting comfort which means they are warm when they need to be and wick when there is excess moisture. 

Continuous investment in new machinery means Bridgedale manufacture the most up to date and innovative styles. Bridgedale’s comprehensive range of styles means you will find the best Bridgedale sock for your chosen activity, climate and footwear. Each style is ideally suited for you because Bridgedale design and develop every style whilst working in close collaboration with test teams all over the world. 

In addition Bridgedale have strict quality control standards and every pair is quality checked before being packaged. 

Bridgedale are so confident you will be happy with your socks we offer a three-year guarantee. (see Guarantees section on website for more information). 

2. Where can I buy Bridgedale’s online?

Bridgedale have on-line partners all over the world. Visit the ‘Where to Buy’ section of our website and click the ‘On-line Retailers’ button for details of where you can to buy Bridgedale socks on-line in your country. 

3. How do I find my nearest retailer?

Bridgedale have a network of worldwide distributors. Visit the "Where to Buy" section of our website and click the "Local Retailers" button for details on the retailer nearest to you. Alternatively click the "Global Distributors" button for details on the distributor in your country. The distributor in your country will be able to give you details on where your nearest Bridgedale store is located.

4. How do I care for my socks?

For best results wash inside out. Wash dark colours separately. Do not use fabric conditioner. Wash at 40°C wool cycle. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Tumble dry on LOW heat. Do not dry clean. See Washing Care section on website for more information.

5. What is the difference between Heavyweight, Midweight and Lightweight?

Bridgedale's have been designed to offer Comfort for a wide range of Outdoor activities. 

To make selecting the correct sock for your activity easier, the WoolFusion® and MerinoFusion™ ranges can be sub-divided into Heavyweight, Midweight and Lightweight styles. 


Designed to be worn in colder conditions these are Bridgedale’s thickest, most cushioned and insulating socks and are suitable for use with Mountaineering and 

Trekking boots. These styles provide defence against the cold with high density cushioning that remains resilient all day long. 

Heavyweight styles are also called Summit – WoolFusion® Summit Knee, WoolFusion® Summit, MerinoFusion™ Summit, MerinoFusion™ Summit Women’s. 


Designed for 3 season hiking and trekking in all conditions, Bridgedale’s Midweight socks offer medium cushioning which is best for all-round comfort whilst on the move. 

Midweight styles are also called Trekker – WoolFusion® Trekker, WoolFusion® Trekker Women’s, WoolFusion® Trekker Junior, MerinoFusion™ Trekker, MerinoFusion™ Trekker Women’s.


Designed for 2 season versatility for summer hiking and trails, 

Bridgedale’s Lightweight socks are suitable for lighter footwear and offer 

dense underfoot cushioning for comfort, but are light and breathable on top. 

Lightweight styles are also called Trail – WoolFusion® Trail, MerinoFusion™ Trail, 

MerinoFusion™ Trail Women’s, WoolFusion® Trail Light, WoolFusion® Trail Light  Women’s. 

6. What is Bridgedale’s warmest sock?

Tested at -25°C, WoolFusion® Summit and WoolFusion® Summit Knee are the warmest socks in the Bridgedale range. 

These heavyweight style socks are designed for year round Mountain Expeditions as well as for Mountaineering. 

Dense cushioning throughout provides extra warmth, extra impact resistance and extra comfort. 

Enduring Comfort is assured through Bridgedale’s WoolFusion® which ensures dry and comfortable feet. 

7. How do I choose a style for the activity I want to participate in?

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to choosing socks for their activity. Many people base their decision on the weight and feel of socks, others may consider wicking and durability. 

The design of Bridgedale’s packaging is based on considerable consumer and retailer research and makes choosing the most suitable sock for you as easy as possible. 

Information on the front of the pack includes the product name and an activity silhouette which gives a quick and easy indication of where the product is designed to be worn and for what activity. Information on weight of sock, activities and style specific features is also found on the front of the pack. 

Also on the front of the pack is Bridgedale’s Warmth and Cushion Ratings Bar – This ratings bar gives information on the warmth and cushioning of the style and allows for easy comparison between styles. 

See “Technology” and “Search by Activity” sections of website for more information. 

8. Do Bridgedale make asymmetric socks?

Bridgedale are world leaders in the design and manufacture of the most technically advanced socks. Our research has found that an asymmetric design doesn’t add any technical benefit to the wearer. 

9.What is the difference between Standard and Women’s styles?

Since Bridgedale launched Women’s styles they have been warmly welcomed by female outdoor enthusiasts around the world. 

Bridgedale’s Women’s styles are specially designed to fit the anatomy of the female foot, which is generally narrower, slimmer and has higher arches. A sock that is too wide will have a baggy fit with excess material. This excess material will bunch inside boots and cause unnecessary discomfort. 

See “Fit” section of website for more information. 

10.What are the letters on the bottom of my socks?

The letters on the sole of your Bridgedale's indicates the size of socks you have as follows:

Standard / Men’s Sizing Chart

SizeSize LetterUKEuropeUSA
Small S 3 - 5½ 36 - 39 4 - 6½
Medium M 6- 8½ 40 - 43 7 - 9½
Large L 9 - 11½ 44 - 47 10 - 12½
X-Large * XL 12+ 48+ 13+
* Only in selected colours


Women’s sizing chart

SizeSize LetterUKEuropeUSA
Small WS 3 - 4½ 35 - 37 4 - 6½
Medium WM 5 - 6½ 38 - 40 6½ - 8
Large WL 7 - 8½ 41 - 43 8½ - 10

Kid’s Sizing Chart

SizeSize LetterUKEuropeUSA
Toddler XXS XXS 9-12 27- 30 10 - 1
Junior XS XS 13 - 2½ 32 - 35 1½ - 4
Junior (Medium) JM 12 - 1 31 - 33 13 - 2
Junior (Large) JL 1 - 3 34 - 36 2 - 4
Junior (X-Large) * JXL 3 - 5 37 - 39 4 - 6
* Kids All Mountain Only

11. If I’m not happy with my socks what can I do?

Bridgedale socks are guaranteed for 1 or 3 years. The guarantee is shown on Bridgedale packaging. Please see the “Guarantees” section of the website for more information on what to do if you aren’t happy with your Bridgedale’s within the guarantee period.