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Posted on 17 08 2012

Ten down, one to go (of our National Scenic Trails)

Of our eleven National Scenic Trails (NSTs), I can now shoot my mouth off about trekking down ten of them. Only one yet remains, the New England Trail–and I’ll Amtrak my way up there in a couple of weeks to hike it, good Lord willing, I’ll soon turn 74.
And what does all this have to do with Bridgedale? Well, quite a bit, actually. For you see, all ten NSTs that I’ve completed so far have been hiked wearing Bridgedale socks.
Bridgedale is, and has been, one of my steadfast sponsors. I sought them out early-on, because they make the very best trekking sock in the world, bar none. Oh, so you question that? Well, slip on some Bridgedales and go out and hike 20,000 miles or so, then let me know!

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