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Posted on 06 08 2014


Update from Bridgedale Sponsored athlete Ed Farrelly:

” The past couple of weeks have, I know it’s cliche to say, been a journey of both massive highs and lows, some shared but for the most part experienced alone on the mountainside. I have physically and mentally worked harder than ever before- it has been every bit as much of a challenge as I knew it would be.

New friends including Krzysztof Wielicki whose mountain insights were invaluable came and went. Tragically one, Kresimir Milas, paid the ultimate price after being avalanched and thrown into a crevasse above Camp I. In the end I left Khan Tengri having taken it as far as It could go. Over 50cm of snow in two days and a weather forecast of continued high winds and very low temperatures made it an easy decision in the end.

Although the summit of Khan Tengri has eluded me for a 2nd time the trip has not been without success. I understand I have become the youngest and only Briton to solo Peak Chapayev at over 6000m. However more importantly I have had a genuinely honest adventure. Whilst climbing every decision has been unaided, every step has been independent and every memory made has been alone. Coming off the mountain for the last time and hugging my father was emotional, I feel honoured to have been able to take him along for part of the ride.

This is #solo2014

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