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Posted on 18 02 2015

Medical Emergency for North West Passage team

After a day of skiing and making good progress, Alex Hibbert, left the team inside the Tentipi preparing dinner, whilst he went outside to secure Tala (his dog) for the evening.  However once outside Alex inexplicably fell and was knocked unconscious leaving him exposed to -32deg until the dogs raised the alarm and the team (Benno & Jamie) went out to investigate and find him.

After bringing Alex back into the tent and managing to wake him, it soon became apparent that Alex had sustained a substantial head injury.  Following medical advice the team took Alex back to Qik.

Alex is now in a state of limbo as a judgement has been made that an emergency bleed on his brain is unlikely so getting immediate air assistance is not necessary,  however Alex has symptoms severe enough that require medical attention, but a flight in a pressurised aircraft could be dangerous.  An MRI scan will assess the extent and type of brain injury he has sustained – Alex says he “is hoping for an uncomplicated brain bruise that simply needs time and rest” and hopefully  he will be able to meet up with Tala and the rest of the team soon.

The entire team at Bridgedale wish Alex a speedy recovery and continued best wishes to the rest of the team and hope that Alex will soon be reunited with both Tala, Benno and Jamie.

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