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Posted on 13 05 2014

Keswick 2 Barrow Charity Walk: 40 miles and no blisters

I am an avid walker who has used your products for the  past 10 years or so as I know that whenever I buy a pair of your socks it will  always be a quality product. This has been confirmed recently as on Sat 10th  May i took part in the Keswick 2 Barrow walk in Cumbria, which is a 40 mile  road walk in aid of charity. The forecast was terrible (not uncommon for  Cumbria) but lightweight footwear is the order of the day. So with my walking  shoes on and my new pair of Cool Fusion Light Hiker socks off I went. The first  4 hours were spent walking through pouring rain, so heavy it challanged even  the best waterproofs, but walk we did. Even before the 10 mile point some  walkers were dropping out with blisters or sore feet caused by wet, ill fitting  socks, but not mine. We did get a break in the weather for the second half of  the walk but by then the damage had already been done to most but my feet were  fine, the socks had held thier shape despite getting soaked and hugged my feet  throughout the entire 40 mile walk. At the end of the day I had not a single  blister, hot spot or rub, quite a suprise considering the conditions on the  day.

Thank you for your continuing efforts to provide great  quality products at reasonable prices and be rest assured you will continue to  have my loyalty throughout the rest of my walking days, for which I am sure  there will be plenty.


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