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Posted on 27 04 2012

Greatest socks in the world

I just wanted to say that you guys make the greatest socks in the world. Fact.
I am astounded at the longevity of your products: I have finally gone through the heel of a pair of trekkers that I bought in early 2009 to hike the Appalachian trail (2175miles). I was amazed that they finished the AT in one piece but was even more astounded to carry on wearing them, not quite the shame shape as before but still wholely intact, for the next three years! Every time I have been on a long hike since I have taken these socks with me as mascots. That’s two end to end hikes of the South west coast path (1260mi) and a month hiking around Iceland (400mi). Latterly i have used them to go mountain biking in winter and now, just moments ago, i pulled them on only to put a giant heel sized hole in the heel.
Given that in the time i’ve had these socks i’ve rotted through at least three pairs of smartwool ones that have had barely a fraction of the trail miles, I think you guys should get some kind of medal.
I would offer to send them to you as a trophy but no one needs that… perhaps i shall bury them in the garden.
This winter I will hike the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand and then attempt to cycle home to Plymouth, England. I have no doubt whose socks I will be wearing.
Keep up the excellent work!
Tom Gale, An entirely satisfied customer.

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