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Posted on 19 03 2014

Dove Step

Hi Bridgedalers, if you’re reading this then it’s likely you know the merits of Bridgedale socks already. For us, a four-man team due to walk 300 miles in 13 days, they were the only sock of choice. 

We are walking 300 miles for Turtle Doves and in support of Operation Turtle Dove; all funds raised are going to the RSPB to be used directly on Operation Turtle Dove: 

1. To build on research into the Turtle Dove breeding grounds in England

2. To establish feeding habitat over the core breeding range through advisory and farmer initiatives

3. To undertake research into factors affecting the doves during migration and in their wintering areas

These objectives are in response to the very real prospect that we could lose the Turtle Dove as a UK breeding bird within the next 10 years. The species has suffered a population crash with a 93% decline in the breeding population since the 1970s. 

The Dove Step walk and website are to complement Operation Turtle Dove, raise awareness of the Turtle Dove’s plight and, of course, share our progress throughout the walk. We leave a week Saturday (29 March) and have trained for the event since October last year. In January alone one of my pairs of Bridgedales very comfortably completed 130 miles over four training walks. 

We trust our Bridgedales completely and they give us maximum confidence that our feet will be suitably protected throughout the journey. 

A huge thank-you to Bridgedale for kitting us out and making the committment to support Dove Step. It means a lot!

Please follow our progress from Saturday 29 March onwards via the Dove Step blog:

If you are able, please also visit the JustGiving page:

With thanks for reading and eternal thanks to Bridgedale.

Jonny Rankin, 19 March, 2014

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