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Posted on 14 06 2016

Bridgedale MerinoFusion Trekkers got me through…

Thank you once more for your years of enthusiastic encouragement, your support and sponsorship for this restless old intrepid. Your MerinoFusion Trekkers (a single pair) have served me perfectly once more. And so, I want to share with you my joy and excitement of completing yet another grand adventure!
Ah, and what a blessing, that last Friday afternoon, one-thirty, along with fellow intrepid, Bart Smith, I finished the 570-mile Central Overland Trail high plains desert no-man’s-land segment of the Pony Express National Historic Trail, from Salt Lake City, Utah, to where the California Trail comes up the Carson River from Ragtown to join the Pony just west of Fort Churchill, Nevada. This completed this National Historic Trail for Bart. I’ll return now to Kansas where I’ve 125 miles of it yet to hike, from Troy to Marysville.
We are so very fortunate, and indeed, most thankful to have made the crossing safely. Without the water and food caches I was able to get in to make from my old 4-WD pickup in early May (every 20 miles or so along) we’d never have made it. Everything clicked, even the weather (pretty much)–an absolutely remarkable and amazing adventure!
I’m in Ely, Nevada now, on my way to the V.A. Medical Center/Hospital in Salt Lake City, there to attend to some neglected minor health issues. From there I’ll head back to Missouri for a spell before returning to Kansas to complete my own trek o’er the old “Pony.”


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