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Posted on 12 05 2015

Best foot forward

Having spent a few  months using Bridgedale socks, I can say without reservation, Bridgedale have  the “F1” of socks. They are technically head and shoulders above the  competition, with a level of luxury that makes Bridgedale products something very special.

We are enormously  proud to being wearing these on our upcoming Snow Leopard Award attempts this  summer and next spring.

We will be attempting to complete both awards in the  fastest time, with that in mind we need everything to perform at the highest  level to allow us to complete 5 7000m peaks in less than 40 days and then 10  5000m peaks in less than 10 weeks avoiding bears, covering half a continent and the odd volcano thrown in for good measure.

We know that the Bridgedale  socks will make a serious contribution to both attempts, with this in mind, we  will be keeping everyone informed of our progress by way of updates on the  expedition website, social media and  through our technology partner for the expeditions Microsoft by way of some whizzy technology.

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