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Posted on 30 10 2014

10 Year Old Bridgedale Socks

I bought 3 pairs of Bridgedale socks for a trekking  holiday in New Zealand in 2004. When worn with the sock liners, they made  hiking like walking on clouds. They were so comfortable. So comfortable, I  decided to carry on wearing them for regular use. They became my go to socks, I travel extensively and they always were the first pick for the suitcase. I took  them for granted, they were just always there.

Anyhow, I lost one pair, but two pairs just kept on  rocking. And finally today, after 10 years of constant use, I noticed one pair has finally worn out, holes in the sole.

But, 10 years, wow. Well done, Bridgedale, well done.

Quality like that, I couldn’t just let it go. You must  know. Best socks. Ever.  And I still got one pair left, still in great shape.

Thank you !

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